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Since 1999, Deakle, Sholtis and Hamil, LLC has been committed to fighting for both justice and rightful compensation for our clients. Our highly experienced trial attorneys are committed to performing a complete investigation, including a whole analysis and the comprehensive groundwork needed to demand an absolute solution and deserved compensation for every worker’s compensation claim.

If you have been injured at work by accident, then you deserve direct compensation. These accidents can greatly affect the physical, emotional and financial well-being, altering life completely. At times, it can be an uphill battle facing the leering hospital bills and lost wages while healing. We understand the complex world of insurance companies and employers that have no desire to be fair towards employees that are entitled to compensation. Trust the best workers’ compensation lawyers to fight for you, so you can focus on healing and getting back to life.

In our experience, we know third-party work injuries happen more often than not. These claims can arise in a number of ways. If they do, it’s important to have a team of well-versed professionals behind you fighting for maximum compensation in a workplace accident on your behalf. In some situations, a third party will try to avoid being legally responsible for an injury that has occurred, deferring the responsibility elsewhere. Our qualified team is dedicated to ensuring you receive the deserved compensation after being hurt on the job.

A workplace injury doesn’t stop at an accident committed by you; it can be at the fault of a co-employee or supervisor. Such conduct can result in devastating injuries. Without proper workers’ compensation, you can be out of a job and stuck with the financial burden of it all. It’s our job to determine who is liable for the job hazard and accident to assure the injured are properly taken care of with proper compensation. In these situations, allow our team to do the work for you to get the justice and compensation you need.

Our unwavering goal is to obtain the best results for our clients.

Deakle, Sholtis and Hamil, LLC is ready to fight for you and your rights as a worker.

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