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Biloxi, MS

Today, Biloxi, Mississippi is home to over 46,000 residents and hosts thousands of visitors each year. This small town along Mississippi’s Gulf Coast is gorgeous no matter what time of year you choose to visit, as it features classic southern charm with white sandy beaches. Even after suffering destruction at the hands of hurricane Katerina, the City of Biloxi continues to thrive today as more and more businesses are beginning to move into the area.

In 1699, French Colonists formed the first permanent, European settlement in French Louisiana at Fort Maurepas. The colonists named this settlement “Old Biloxi,” but today it is known by many as Ocean Springs. The name Biloxi in French was Bilocci, the name the colonists gave to the local Native American tribe. In 1720, Biloxi was settled and the capital of French Louisiana was moved to Biloxi from Mobile. The ownership of Biloxi transferred from nation to nation for the next century, until becoming a member of the United States in 1810, as part of the Mississippi Territory. 

In the 19th century, Biloxi began to grow exponentially as a summer resort due to its beautiful sandy beaches and cool summer breezes. Biloxi also had the advantage of being close to New Orleans with easy access to water, enabling guests to travel and visit when desired. This popularity increased later in the century with access to the railroad, and as the seafood industry began to boom within the city. By World War II, the United States Military built Keesler Air Force Base, which would become a training site and site for aircraft maintenance, resulting in the Biloxi economy to boom. The growth increased again with the opening of Biloxi’s casinos in the 1990s when gambling was legalized. 

Over the years, Biloxi has become a vital part of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. This wonderful city has something for everyone to enjoy year-round. From delicious seafood to family-friendly fun at Margaritaville, you’ll fall in love with Biloxi, Mississippi!

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