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Hattiesburg, MS

Today, Hattiesburg, Mississippi is known as the “Hub City” as it is the intersection of rail lines and highways, easily connecting the city to anywhere in the United States. This central location combined with the diverse economy of the city and strong neighborhoods is what attracted residents to Hattiesburg, which is home to 49,000 residents and hosts thousands of visitors each and every year. 

Hattiesburg, Mississippi was originally founded in 1882 by William H. Hardy, a civil engineer who set out on a mission to build a railroad from Meridian to New Orleans. His first visit was in 1880 as he decided to stop for lunch in what would become the heart of downtown Hattiesburg. As Hardy surveyed, he noted that a railroad from Jackson to Gulfport would benefit the development of southern Mississippi. The city of Hattiesburg is now located at the intersection of Hardy’s two railroads. Hattiesburg is named for Hardy’s wife, Hattie, who sadly died before ever visiting the city named for her. 

Since its founding, Hattiesburg has grown exponentially, as it is now home to thousands of businesses, military centers and two major universities, The University of Southern Mississippi and William Carey University. The city of Hattiesburg is filled with southern charm, diverse culture and exciting activities! When working on cases in Hattiesburg, we love visiting The Lucky Rabbit, a flea market open only four days a week in downtown Hattiesburg that features a collection of vintage items, antiques, and handmade goods. After shopping around, there is nothing like visiting Murky Waters BBQ for amazing brisket, live blues music and unbeatable service. If you have never been to either of these fantastic locations, we highly recommend both of them, as they are two of our favorite places in Hattiesburg!

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